We are the worldwide pioneers in the development of black garlic, in its variety Allium ampeloprasum or Chiloe’s garlic also called elephant garlic (very different from the usual Allium sativa).
Our success is based on knowing the entire process, from organic farming to its preparation in special ovens, so we have full traceability of a product of excellence.

At first, Chiloé´s black garlic stood out for its nutritional properties, linked to the gourmet, given its special flavor, ressembling a fig, with an embracing  umami flavor, like a truffle.

Melimei´s black garlic is considered a superfood because of its multiple nutraceutical properties
that helps the improvement

of the functions of our body.

It is highly recommended for seniors , and for those

aware of their health and sports performance.


Benefits of a regular intake
(1 clove per day):
It is a powerful natural energizer.
It provides 18 of 20 amino acids, including the essential 8.
Powerful antioxidant

(3 times greater than the Maqui berry).
It prevents cardiovascular diseases and regulates blood pressure.
It helps to improve the immune system:

great supply of lysine
It cleanses the liver and it is a natural diuretic. (glutamic acid and potassium).
It increases testosterone and strengthens the muscle mass (supply of aspartic acid).
It regulates the intestinal transit.
Recent studies (U. de Concepción-2017) suggest that Chiloé´s black garlic stops Alzheimer´s disease.

Recommended usage for health

Consume 1 clove or 1 teaspoon of paste per day, preferably in the morning.

Once opened, keep the product in a refrigerated environment.

Melimei´s  black garlic is not only good for health but
it has also been recognized in international gastronomy as an excellent gourmet product because of its culinary characteristics: aroma, texture and taste (like a sweet, embracing truffle, with slight notes of plums, and candied figs).